Parsley itself is a very common herb, whose leaves are often used as a spice. Parsley originated in Iran, known sometimes as Pars, a shortening of Persia, which gave it its name. Parsley root is a variety of parsley grown specifically for the root, rather than the leaves.Parsley root is known by a number of names, including Hamburgparsley, Dutch parsley, rock selinen, rock parsley, padrushka, turnip-rooted parsley, heimischer, and parsnip-rooted parsley

Parsley root is very popular throughout Central Europe as a rootvegetable, and may replace celeriac, parsnips, turnips, or carrots in dishes. In the United States it is fairly uncommon, but more and more specialty markets are starting to carry it.

is a bright green biennial herb, often used as spice. It is common inMiddle Eastern, European, and American cooking. Parsley is used for its leaf in much the same way ascoriander

which is also known as Chinese parsley or cilantro although parsley has a milder flavor

Parsley is a member of the carrot, parsnip and celery family. It is often used fresh as a garnish because it looks great, and doesnt really compete with the taste of anything -- especially, perhaps, because its left untouched at the side of most dinner plates.


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