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Address:           13 Gamil Asim Land- Kaha- Qalubia – Egypt

Tel&Fax:           002 013 2605 203

Web site:  

Skype :                     Threemorganic



Contact persons :

General Manager: Mr.Saeed Abdel Maksoud

Email :[email protected]

Export Manager  : Mrs.Sahar Hekkal

Email :[email protected]              Cell phone :002-01147464020

Export & Operation Executive : Mr. Mohamed Eraky

Email: [email protected]       Cell phone :002-01025150500

Sales& Marketing Managment : Miss. Sahar Elsherif

Email: [email protected]            Cell phone 002-01141956439

Sales Senior  : H.Mohamed

Email : [email protected]


 The company assures that any customer can deal only through these emails and telephone numbers mentioned  on this site  &  the company is  not responsible for any other communications without  these data .

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