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Office Address

Al madeina Al Monuara St,Mohamed El Fayoumy Building,Qaha, Qaliyobia,Egypt

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Contact details

General Manager

Mr.Saeed Mustafa Abdel Maksoud

Email:[email protected]

Export Manager

Mrs.Sahar Hekkal

Phone Number :002-01012780971

Email:[email protected]

Export & operation Executive

Mr .Mohamed Eraky

Phone Number :002-01026150500

Email:[email protected]

 Sales &Marketing Management

Miss. Sahar Elsherif

Phone Number :002-01141956439

Email:[email protected]

Sales& Marketing Department

Miss.Islamah Metwali

Phone Number:002-01060434583

Email:[email protected]

Sales Senior

Ms. Hasnaa Mohamed

Email:[email protected]



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